director: Mate Ugrin
short fiction, 24:14 min


Branka is a young caretaker who has recently moved to an island to look after an elderly woman. After the harsh winter is over and her job is finished, Branka decides to stay on the island for the summer season. She gets a job in tourism, but the pay is meager and the job exhausting, making it just a temporary solution.

Mate Ugrin (born 1986 in Pula, Croatia) graduated in Filmmaking from the Academy of Arts (Belgrade, Serbia) in 2012. He holds a Master of Arts from the University of Fine Arts Hamburg (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) and finished the Meisterschüler program at the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin). He directed several shorts, among which Recent Places (2016) and Meanwhile (2017) which was premiered at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival and won the German FIRST STEPS Award.


Tea Ljubešić

Nevena Šegota

Kristijan Kovilić

Maruška Aras

Felix Cadot



Director: Mate Ugrin

Screnwriter: Mate Ugrin

Producer: Tena Gojić

Co-producer: Tiphaine Robion

Cinematographer: Ivan Marković

Editors: Jelena Maksimović, Mate Ugrin

Sound designer: Jakov Munižaba

Production and costume designers: Hana Grebenar, Iva Maria Jurić


Production: Dinaridi Film, Vertical Production

Supported by: HAVC, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine



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Brusseles Co-production Forum