director: Melita Vrsaljko

short documentary, 15 min, 2023


In Melita Vrsaljko’s debut film Knin – Zadar we follow the daily routine of the director’s father, a railroad shunter at the Benkovac railway station, where time seems to have stopped sometime in the last decades of the 20th century. The basis of this film’s dramaturgy is a subtle counterpoint between serenity and expectation achieved by minimalist and static shots of a space in decay, against the backdrop of a quiet and multifaceted soundscape.


Zvonko Vrsaljko



Director: Melita Vrsaljko

Screnwriter: Melita Vrsaljko

Producer: Tena Trstenjak

Associate producer: Tena Gojić

Cinematographer: Jurica Marković

Editor: Martin Semenčić

Sound designer: Martin Semenčić

Graphic designer: Sven Sorić


Production: Dinaridi Film

Supported by: HAVC



Zagrebdox 2023 – Regional competition